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CasinoMax – Frequently Asked Questions:

Are players from All 50 States Welcome In CasinoMax?

You bet. CasinoMax is 100% USA Friendly. Players from all 50 States are welcome to play and bet with real money.

I'm Australian. Can I Play And Gamble In This Online Casino?

CasinoMax welcomes all players from Australia online casino players to gamble and play casino games for real money. So, to answer your question: Yes. If you live in Australia, you are welcome to join, play and win.

How Do I make a deposit to my account?

Making deposits to your CasinoMax Account:

You have followed the steps to download and install the CasinoMax software, and opened an account, you can then go ahead and make your deposits. Receive your username, create your password, deposit and play, it’s that easy! Let’s first go to depositing at CasinoMax, from your real player Casino Account. Read on below and follow each instruction given:

1.Once you select the program and start it up you then need to choose to play for real. To do this, make the ”Real-money mode” your choice by clicking on it.
2.Apply your username and personal private password so you can sign in to your Real Account.
3.Now go to where it says ”Cashier” at the top right hand side of the Casino lobby page and click.
4.Go to the ”Deposit” tab and click on it.
5.Choose one of the ways to deposit your funds.

How long does it take to process my deposit?

Processing your Casino Deposits:

This depends on which method you are going to use, some are quick whereas other ways take a little longer. Below are some of the ways you can use:

By Credit Card: This takes usually just a few minutes to be processed. The monies are put into your Casino Account during this time.

By Wire Transfer: Any deposits you make this way will get to the Casino Bank in around 10 working days. When your deposit has been collected by the bank it will then be in your Casino Account right away.

By Bank Draft / Personal Cheques: These take roughly around 7 days to make it to the Casino Office. Then it will be appropriately another 10 days to clear the Bank Draft or another 21 days to clear the Personal Cheque. To calculate how long your cheque will take to arrive you should ask at your local Post Office where you send the cheque, as this will vary depending on where reside.

How Do I withdraw my winnings?

Taking Out Your Casino Winnings:

If you like to use your credit card to make your deposits then the withdrawal of your winnings will be put in that account, up to the full value of your deposit. If the amount you withdraw is higher than that of your earlier deposit then this will be returned to you by a different way of payment. Please contact the support team at CasinoMax to ask about credit cards and whether or not refunds can be made on your card.

The period it takes to administer your withdrawals can depend on which method you use to make your payments, as well as your VIP status level. It can take two days when using Neteller [Moneybookers] right up to a period of ten days if your using Wire Transfer. For cheques please expect up to three weeks to include postal times.

Before your withdrawals can be administered, they are held pending for up to a couple of days. If you like you can stop your withdrawal, cancelling out your request. The Casino VIP club can give you faster ways to withdraw your cash, just ask for this at

Unless you are using Bank Draft Express, then there are no charges to withdraw your monies. Bank Drafts are posted to your chosen billing address, going by worldwide postage.

By using Wire Transfer to make your withdrawals, there will be a need to give your bank account details in order to carry out the transaction. Anytime you like you can watch your withdrawal status’ through going to the ”Cashier” page of the Casino, and then to ”History”. All your past history of transactions will be kept there available for you. The deposits and withdrawals you have made can be printed out, and there you can also find game rules and ways of making deposits. Keep your print outs safe and you can refer to them easily whenever you want.

Is it safe to use my credit card at the casino?

Yes. Using your credit card in CasinoMax is safe.

Safeguarding Your Credit Card Details:

CasinoMax value the customers safety and security. This is why the Casino has the very best security level set in place, to ensure customers privacy at all times. The most recent Firewall equipment plus RSA encryption is installed, giving you 100% security. From using your online bank to online shopping, the security you get from the Casino is one of the highest, most recent, that’s around today. If you go to the ”Security” segment within the website, you will find more details on this subject.


How do I obtain more credits in Play For Fun mode?

Extra Credits while ‘Playing for Fun’:

If you prefer to first play for fun before venturing out into the ‘Real Play’ mode, you can get extra fun credits. All you need to do while in the Casino lobby is go to the ”Cashier” area, then fill out how much fun money you would like to deposit. The pretend money you requested will be put into your account to go and have fun with.

What is E wallet?

E-Wallet – The Online Money Transfer:

This is your online wallet where you can make deposits, withdrawals or transfers. There are quite a few dealers around who back up the E-Wallet. To use E-Wallet, go to your E-Wallet account and use the links provided at the top of the page to go to the part you would like to use. There are also the ‘Quick links’ which are down the left side of the page and are there so you can access the parts easily. All the details are written out fully in every part.

How do I become Certified?

Becoming an Accredited Member:

It’s very easy to certify yourself as an approved member of the Casino, and there are loads of beneficial advantages to becoming one too. All you have to do is send an easy to see photocopy of your up to date passport and/or a real ID. Also photocopy each side of your credit card along with a recently sent utility invoice, which has both your full name and address printed on it. The minute you are classed as a accredited Casino Member you will have access to all certified benefits and transactions in no time!

Why was my credit card declined?

Credit Card Denial:

It’s normally the bank who has supplied the credit card to you, that has more than likely denied your right to play online. In this case you should contact your bank at once to ask them why your card was denied. It is not forced to be the reason though, because your bank can also refuse if you have made a few attempts during the course of an hour. Usually after the third try at using your card it can automatically be stopped. You will need to ask to have your card at the Casino opened up again.

Why is my transfer to a merchant still pending?

Transfers Kept in Pending:

Some money processors can take a little longer than a day in accepting transfers made. This can depend on whether the dealer works normal working hours or doesn’t. The merchant has the final say in whether or not to approve transactions when using an E-Wallet. Finding that your transfers are still pending after a certain period of time can be annoying. You can ask the merchant why, but it may be better to just stop and cancel the transfer within your account, so that you can start again.

What kind of games does CasinoMax offer?

The Selection of Games Available:

With a big choice of 150 online casino games, you have all the best games to choose from. There are the well known types like Blackjack, Baccarat, Casino War, Caribbean Poker, Keno, Pai Gow Poker, Craps, Sic Bo and the well liked Roulette. With 46 machine games on offer such as: Video Poker, including the 4-line, 3-reel and 5-reel Slots machine games. Both the Video Poker and the Slots are with Progressive Jackpots as well as some Bonus games. Each day there are new games in progress and every time one is ready to go online you will systematically be informed to let you know that it’s there.

How can I be sure that the games are fair?

Only Fair Gaming used at CasinoMax:

To ensure you that the Casino is fully licensed it is provided only by the N.A (Curacao). The percent rate you get from winnings that come out of the total number of bets, are checked out every month by one of the best firms there around. The firm specializes in all payouts and accounts. The statement is shown on the CasinoMax website for anyone who would like to see how the games available contain both fair gaming and honesty.

How is the outcome of the games generated?

Results of the Produced Casino Games:

The RNG, which is the Random Number Generator, used at CasinoMax is very highly developed. The RNG is asked to construct a final result for every game by random, and not only with real money but when you are playing for fun too. The same being when playing card games such as blackjack and baccarat games, where the card decks are freshly shuffled every time before dealing out a new hand.

What are COMP points and how do I accumulate them?

Collecting the ”Comp” Points:

Complimentary points can routinely be added up while you play the Online Casino games. This is automatic and your points will build up each time you make bets at the Casino. The ”Comp” Program is exclusive and allows Casino Members a chance to gather up as many points as they can whilst continuing to play the vast amount of games available at CasinoMax.

What happens if I am suddenly disconnected from the Internet while I play?

Internet Disconnection Issues:

There may be a time when your internet abruptly disconnects all of a sudden. The Casino does not have the power to prevent this from happening. However, CasinoMax has a cleverly combined running structure that has been technologically advanced to detect unusual discontinuations. So every player can be protected during these untimely occurrences. Don’t worry if your internet suddenly gives up and you struggle to make connection to CasinoMax straight away. After a short time the Casino will automatically log you out when there hasn’t been any activity for a while. Take a break then just log back in later to carry on playing.

In the event that you have been able to connect back up to the Casino, you will see that the same type of game you were playing before the interruption, will still be showing on the screen. In the case of games such as Video Poker, Blackjack or Craps, you will find yourself being at the exact place in the game you were previously at. So once you are connected again to CasinoMax you can simply continue playing as if nothing had happened.

In Roulette and Slot games, players do not decide on anything once the game has begun. So if your internet interrupts a game you’re playing in roulette or slots, then sign yourself back in to the Casino. You will be able to access how the game finalized by going to the ”Game History” tab to find out.

What do I do if after placing a bet I suddenly change my mind. How do I remove the bet?

Removing accidentally placed bets:

To remove a bet once it has already been placed, is done by a right click of the mouse on each chips needing to be taken away. This can be done on any of the games and with Roulette there is a ”Clear Bet” tab you can click on too that will delete all your table bets right away.

With Slots and Video Poker games you can click the tab that says ”Cash Out”, and it will put the coins back from the machine, right into your account balance again. If you should find that some coins stay remaining in the machine there is no need to have concern as they will also go back to your account balance when you leave the game.

Where can I find complete detailed instructions on the various games?

Instructions on how to play the many different Casino Games:

CasinoMax has complete detail instructions on how to play each online casino game. The details of each game has been installed into the software. When you click on the word ”Help” against each game within the Casino lobby, the game will be explained to you. This applies to all the Casino games and you can also click on ”Help” during the game, if you find something you’re not sure of.

How old do I have to be to play for real money?

The Minimum Age Limit Required:

Every player needs to be at least 18 years old to be able to join CasinoMax and play for real money. This age can differ within the jurisdiction of the country in which you live. You will need to check this before joining the Casino. Please note also that in certain countries you may find you are forbidden to gamble.

I am not sure what was the previous game round result. What do I do?

How to Check an Earlier Game Result:

This is done by going to ”Game History”, which you will see headed on the website. When you click this link it will show you all the game rounds you have done and what the outcome of each game was. Anything else you need to know regarding this can be learned by talking to the support staff. You can email them at, or call them anytime, as they are available all day every day.

What do I have to do in order to play at CasinoMax?

What you need to do to start playing at the Casino:

First download and install the Casino software. Once you do this you will see that the games are much sharper and more true to life than if you were simply just playing internet games online. The Casino games are faster, well-built and more solid, with excellent graphics and sound effects. By keeping the info that goes from your PC to the Casino servers, the Casino creates a better game which is a lot more exciting and quick.

Do I have to download every time I want to play?

No you do not need to. After you downloaded it once, you will not need to download again.

After downloading the software, what do I do next?

The next step after downloading the Casino:

After downloading the Casino software you will need to install it. Just double click on SetupCasino.exe and the installation wizard will take over and tell you what to do, while you follow the process as it installs.

What are the minimum system requirements?

The minimum needed for your system:

These are what your computer needs to begin with:-

Windows 95 P90, 98, XP, NT or 2000
16-bit colors
50 MB free hard disk space

Please note: To achieve better results you should make sure your monitor is set at high color (16-bit) and a 800 x 600 resolution.

AOL Users:

Users of AOL are able to utilize CasinoMax software with the AOL version 3.0 or greater.

What should I do if I get "Account not found. Please verify your account info and try again."?

”Account not found” Notice:

If, for instance, you are trying to ‘Play For Fun’ and you have accidentally filled out the details you use for playing for real, then a notice saying your account cannot be found will appear. It will more than likely ask you to verify your account and try it again. The same will apply for entering your username & password that you use for ”Play for fun” mode, while trying to play for real money. If you are struggling to sign in to your Casino Account because you have forgotten your username and/or password, then send the name & address you registered with to and ask for help.

What should I do if I can't find the " icon on my desktop?

Accessing the CasinoMax icon on your desktop:

Should the CasinoMax icon be missing from your desktop then it could mean that you didn’t request this during the installation procedure. You can still open the Casino by locating it from your start menu. If you still cannot open the Casino, then follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Start Menu on the left side of your task bar, which is normally located at the bottom, top or either side of your computer screen.
2. Go to where it says ”Find” and then go to ”Files/Folders”
3. Type casino.exe in the box provided. Usually saying ”Named”. Now click on the ”Find Now” tab.
4. Wait while the computer searches for the correct file.
5. The outcome of the search you requested should now appear along the bottom if casino.exe has found CasinoMax. Double click on the result which will then begin to run the program. Alternatively you can right-click on it and click on ”Create Shortcut”. The icon will now be placed on your desktop and will be easier to access the Casino every time.
6. Should the search not come up with the file name it means that it was unable to locate it. You can do more searches through other hard drives that your computer has, but if you still cannot find it then it may be easier just to begin the Casino download & installation for a second time, so that the CasinoMax icon can be placed on your computer’s desktop.


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